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Comment: We are new to the neighborhood and had no idea of the park problems other than a few posts on the fox island news Facebook group. We are aware of the bridge problems and appreciate all the work people are doing to come up with an equitable solution. Which will be no easy task. We do appreciate for all neighbors concerned that the Sand spit and the fishing pier now has a security guard and that they apparently lock the gate at night. I do agree based on what we have seen so far that “our” community does a much better job at working together as a team than Penmet ever could. I am in Sand and soil and have enjoyed working side by side with neighbors to beautify the little chapel.

Response: First, welcome to the neighborhood. We are confident you’ll find Fox Island a truly great place to live. Many of us are also actively involved in the Fox Island Bridge issue which is another motivating factor for all of us on Fox Island to recapture some sense of control on where our tax dollars go and what we get in return. This is, as you say, no easy task, but the only guarantee we believe we have is that if we do nothing, things will only get worse.
The Chapel and the Nichols Center are two shining examples of what a love for Fox Island and a desire to contribute to our community in time and money can achieve. We agree with your assessment that PenMet can never match what we could do with the three properties PenMet owns. We would match up our two managed properties against any PenMet park. And thanks for your service to the Chapel. It is truly a jewel on Fox Island thanks in large part to the Sand & Soil club.

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