Who Are We

We are your neighbors

We are a group of concerned Fox Island residents, some who have lived on this island for as long as 40 years. We love this beautiful community and we know you do, too!

Over the past several months, it has come to the attention of HUNDREDS of Fox Island residents that two valuable, much-loved properties on our island—the DeMolay Sandspit and Nature Preserve (sometimes affectionately called “Bella Bella Beach”) and the Fishing Pier—are being egregiously NEGLECTED by their current owner, Peninsula Metropolitan Parks (PenMet).

The most recent indicator of this NEGLECT is PenMet’s decision to terminate the Park Host Program. Well over 500 concerned residents recently signed a petition demonstrating their concern over this decision, all of whom were completely ignored. Interestingly, PenMet was notified, shortly after the Park Host Program was terminated, that there was an act of vandalism at the Fishing Pier.

Letters to PenMet have been signed by the following:

Please read our personal statements at this link: https://parksforfoxisland.org/category/community-statements/