Comment: You speak of providing total transparency. Why don’t you list your members name. Transparency begins now. Many of your suggestions are against the law. Ie removal of commissioners.

Response: We absolutely believe in total transparency. All of our names and many personal statements are listed right here on this website. You will also see that we have provided a bit of background on each of us. You can also look under “Communication” and “PetMet Correspondence” and see the letters between our group and PenMet’s responses. Those letters are signed by all of us.
As for the removal of commissioners, if we (meaning the majority of Fox Islanders—not just our group) to form a Fox Island Metropolitan Park District, we are suggesting that we also adopt some safeguards, to the extent possible under the law, to prevent similar issues arising in the future. It’s not a given that a new Metropolitan Park District will be formed—that’s not for us to decide. However, if that option is chosen, we will look hard at what restrictions and rules we can put in place as to how that new Metropolitan Park District would operate. If removing a Commissioner is not allowed, then it’s not allowed and we will seek other safeguards. None of us are offering legal opinions such as the one you’ve offered because none of us have the expertise to do so.

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