Help from Elected Representatives?

Question: Good luck. This will be a hard challenge to take Fox Island Resident funding away from PenMet. I hope you are successful. What about contacting the State Representative for this district and getting that person involved?

Response: We will certainly need some amount of luck. It appears to be unprecedented for a Boundary Review Board to remove property that is within a Metropolitan Park District from that District. Clearly, the Boundary Review Board has the legal authority to adjust park district boundaries, but whether they will do in this case or not is an open question. We have reached out to the State Attorney General, the State Auditor, and various Ethics Boards at the state and county levels. It became readily apparent that none of these departments have any authority over a Metropolitan Park District to accomplish what we are trying to accomplish. It’s either the Boundary Review Board or the filing of a lawsuit in court because of misfeasance or malfeasance in office. The courts are backed up for years due to COVID shutdown and increase criminal cases so no quick resolution would be found even if a case could be made. We have had some conversations with an elected official who provided some advice and we are following that advice.

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