Boat Launches

Question: Let’s not forget about Cedrona Boat Launch (PenMet owned) and Tow Head (maybe not PenMet)

Response: We definitely are not forgetting the Cedrona Boat Launch on 13th. That property was donated to PenMet by Pierce County and PenMet has done nothing with it since it obtained ownership. One of the first things we’d do is investigate the feasibility of making that property a usable boat launch. Amanda Babich laughingly referred to that property as the “portable boat launch,” and we think it’s telling that this property does not even show up on PenMet’s official park map.

The Tow Head boat launch is owned by the Bureau of Land Management so it’s outside the scope of our efforts. That property will also undoubtedly be impacted in some manner by whatever final decision is made with regard to the Fox Island Bridge repair/replacement.

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