As Good as Sehmel

Comment: Pen Met Parks should maintain all the properties as well as they do Sehmel Homestead Park.

Response: We couldn’t agree with you more! The disparity between the Fox Island properties and some off the island is striking to say the least. One thing that PenMet told us about our flyer is that it doesn’t reflect all that PenMet does for everyone, including Fox Islanders, meaning, of course, all of the programs PenMet puts on. Our comment to this is very simple: If you look at PenMet’s catalog of programs they are conducting this year, there is not one program being conducted on Fox Island. To us, that’s telling. PenMet makes money on its programs (and we have no issue with that), but it’s clear to us that PenMet does not consider any of the Fox Island properties potential money-makers. This has to influence its decisions on how much time and effort they want to spend on Fox Island and why so much deferred maintenance exists on PenMet’s Fox Island properties.

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